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2300MHz – a key component of mid band spectrum for 5G

The 2300MHz band is already widely used for FWA and mobile LTE and is now becoming a key resource for 5G-NR. According to the ITU IMT-2020 requirements, 5G must deliver a 10 fold increase in the user experienced
data rate from 10 Mbit/s to 100 Mbit/s, a factor 100 increase in area traffic capacity to 10 Mbit/s/m2, and a 10 fold reduction in latency to 1 milli-second. To deliver this, mobile operators require additional spectrum, particularly in mid-bands which offer a good combination of capacity and coverage. With a 100 MHz of spectrum, the 2300MHz band (LTE band 40 LTE and 5G-NR band N40) is a crucial TDD mid-band spectrum resource for
mobile broadband and FWA which has better propagation characteristics than other TDD mid-bands, such as 2600MHz (N41) and 3500MHz (N77/N78).

Download the full paper here:  2300MHz spectrum for 5G 30 July 2020



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