5G and mmWave spectrum

In this paper, we consider regulatory approaches to the assignment of mmWave spectrum. The abundance of mmWave spectrum means that demand many not exceed supply and so an auction format may not be the appropriate approach. Regulators need to be … View post >

5G Regulatory Policy and Assignment Strategies

The mobile industry has steadily advanced, evolved and matured with each new generation of technology over the 40 years since its inception.  Regulatory approaches to spectrum management and assignment have evolved in parallel and there is broad consensus regarding what … View post >

Regulatory Competition to Support 5G

Large multi-national telecoms companies must decide where to allocate their limited funds and NRAs are in competition with each other to attract international investment.  This paper, one of a series of papers on 5G, explores how they can compete by … View post >

Valuing 3.5 GHz spectrum for 5G

In this paper which is one of a series of recent papers on 5G spectrum, Coleago’s Managing Director Graham Friend and co-athor Steve Hobbs discuss the strategic, technical and valuation considerations associated with valuing 5G spectrum.  The mobile industry is … View post >