The 6 GHz opportunity for IMT

The deployment of 5G will bring large benefits for mobile services and users over the coming years. Allocating spectrum in 6 GHz band for 5G-NR and its evolution is a critical building block to it make it economically feasible to … View post >

5G and mmWave spectrum

In this paper, we consider regulatory approaches to the assignment of mmWave spectrum. The abundance of mmWave spectrum means that demand many not exceed supply and so an auction format may not be the appropriate approach. Regulators need to be … View post >

Sustainable Spectrum Pricing

Whether or not a 5G business case is workable depends in no small part on how much operators have to pay for spectrum licences. 5G requires more spectrum but generates little or no incremental revenue. Regulators need to assess the … View post >

Avoiding spectrum auction failure

Stefan Zehle, Coleago’s CEO, identifies the key causes of spectrum auction failure and how to avoid them in his presentation at the Asia Pacific Spectrum Management Conference, Kuala Lumpur, March 2019. Spectrum auction failure and how to avoid it

Learning from best practice in Tanzania

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority recently concluded a successful spectrum auction which reflected all the key elements of international best practice.  The TCRA was advised by Graham Friend of Coleago Consulting.  In this paper, Graham highlights the key factors that … View post >