The end of geography and roaming in telecoms

Today most people are familiar with services such as Skype. Effectively a location independent mobile service, with Skype it does not matter where people call from nor does it matter where the called party is located. Geography has become irrelevant. … View post >

The APT Bandwagon Reaches Cruising Speed

On the 7th of February Brazil made the decision to make available 698MHz-806MHz for mobile broadband services. The frequencies are those of the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) band plan. ANATEL, Brazil’s regulator, now has the authority go ahead with clearing … View post >

Do we need telephone numbers?

Already most communications that take place over telecoms networks do not involve telephone numbers. Email and other internet based communications increasingly dominate business and consumer communications. Fixed network voice calls are moving to mobile and Skype like services. By some … View post >

AT&T plans shutdown of 2G network

On Friday, the 3rd of July AT&T announced that it plans to shut down its 2G network “approximately” by the 1st of January 2017. The main objective is to refarm spectrum currently used for 2G to LTE and eventually save network opex.  … View post >