Vive la différence II

The French telecoms regulator announced at the end of last week that they have finished the 2.6GHz auction process begun in June. FDD Allocation (MHz total) Price (m€) €/MHz/POP Obligatory MVNO access Orance 40 287 0.110 Y SFR 30 150 … View post >

The risks with Google Wallet

Interest in the industry regarding NFC and mobile payments is continuing to grow following the joint venture by Orange, Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile, with the Google Wallet emerging as the latest major breakthrough. It will aide NFC to continue to … View post >

Mobile payments require a global standard

Making money out of mobile payments was one of the drivers that drove the share prices of telecoms companies to stratospheric levels during the Dot Com boom. Ten years on and still no real progress has been made in relation … View post >

Google to buy Motorola

Today’s announcement that Google is to buy Motorola Mobility is an interesting development in the Smartphone operating system fight for market share. Earlier this year we had the announcement of the alliance between Nokia and Microsoft. Will the next step … View post >

The World will eventually go Dutch

According to a recent report from, MVNO subscribers represent almost one third of the Netherlands’ mobile market. This is clear proof that multi-branding and mobile wholesale are a good antidote to a saturated competitive market. By comparison, we estimate … View post >

Vive la différence

The French telecoms regulator ARCEP announced the terms of the country’s 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum auction process in June. There are several noticeable features of the process: firstly the bands are being sold off sequentially with the 2.6GHz … View post >