Leo Borwick

Business Strategy and Planning

Leo Borwick is highly experienced in business strategy and planning, business modelling and simulation and pricing.  He has extensive knowledge of telecoms regulation and has assisted both operators and regulators in successfully navigating complex regulatory issues.

Leo has assisted clients in countries as diverse as Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Malaysia. He has created sophisticated cost models for clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, using both top-down and bottom-up approaches and covering a range of different technologies.

Over the last 9 years Leo has carried out projects for many telecoms operators, suppliers and regulators including Eircom (Ireland), Cisco (UK), ComReg (Ireland), Viacom (UK), Telkom Malaysia, NCA (Ghana), AOL UK, Etisalat (Nigeria), TRA (UAE), STC (Saudi Arabia), Viva (Bahrain), Bakcell (Azerbaijan), NGNUK (UK) and others.

Leo has spoken at telecoms conferences in London, Cologne, Rome and Brussels.

Leo has a BSc and PhD in Psychology.