Nick Fookes

Finance, M&A, Business Planning

Nick Fookes is a mobile and multimedia marketing and finance specialist with extensive international M&A, bid, and operational planning experience. A skilled financial modeller with a passion for value optimisation, Nick is also proficient in all areas of strategy development and proposition design.

Nick started his career as a telecoms analyst with MeesPierson, the Dutch merchant bank, and was a senior finance manager with BT for four years. During this time, he was a key member of BT’s international business development team, supporting the company’s acquisition of mobile businesses and licences in a broad variety of markets across the globe. Nick led the business planning function during Telfort Mobile’s bid for a 2G licence in the Netherlands, and helped devise the company’s auction strategy. He led the evaluation of Maxis in Malaysia, paving the way for BT’s acquisition of a 33% stake in Binariang. Key work-streams included market-sizing, segmentation, analysis of primary and secondary market research, assessment of plausible market-consolidation scenarios, and technology-impact analysis. Nick also evaluated the cellular assets of Japan Telecom, during the joint acquisition of a 30% stake with AT&T Wireless. He initiated and led a study into the impact of 3G on the value of existing 2G assets, developing likely customer-migration scenarios.

More recently Nick advised MTN, the leading South African mobile operator, in connection with its bid for GSM and 3G licences in Saudi Arabia, leading the development of the company’s market-entry strategy as well as drafting the marketing chapter in the bid document.

Nick has over ten years telecoms experience, predominantly in mobile and multimedia, covering some twenty markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Middle-East and Africa, working for or consulting with BT, Orange, MTN and MeesPierson. In addition to his comprehensive experience and skills, Nick is an expert in the field of regressive pricing and retrospective least-cost billing.

Born in Switzerland in 1968, Nick graduated with an engineering MSc from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he specialised in statistical modelling, control engineering and telecoms. He is fluent in French and Dutch, and has a good command of Spanish and German.