Network Audit

As markets mature focusing on costs and network utilisation becomes increasingly important. Mobile network optimisation can save capex, reduce dropped calls and improve the user experience, thus reducing churn. Therefore money spent on network optimisation is likely to show rapid returns. Our aim is to optimise your existing network efficiencies and provide a more robust network for the future. The Coleago Network Audit service is the first step to helping you to achieve this.

Network Audit Processes

 The methodology developed for Coleago’s mobile network audit and optimisation service includes a breakdown of the mobile network optimisation process in five sub-processes:

  • Mobile network validation,
  • Mobile network performance monitoring,
  • Mobile network verification,
  • Mobile network modification,
  • Mobile network benchmarking.

To learn more about how you can reduce network opex and capex without impacting negatively on the customer experience, please contact us today.


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