Business Transformation & Cost Reduction

The Coleago team has extensive experience helping businesses to identify opportunities for cost reduction and operational efficiencies. The restructuring and re-alignment of business costs has become a key focus for companies who operate in telecom markets, and Coleago recommends a combination of behavioural change and strategic cost reduction in order to yield sustainable business transformation.

The mobile telecoms industry went through rapid growth and is now entering the late growth phase – in some markets, the maturity phase. In many markets revenues are stagnating and EBITDA and cash flows are under pressure. And yet the growth in mobile broadband requires new investment in spectrum and the network. Returns in the industry have shrunk significantly. In order to halt and reverse the decline in return on capital employed, management now need to focus on:

  • —  performance improvement
  • —  cost reduction
  • —  reducing the asset base


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