US AWS-3 auction distorted by bidder credits

The detailed results of US AWS-3 auction were released on the 30th of January, with the bid totals amounting to US$ 44,899 million. However, some bidders are eligible for small company discounts of 15 or 25 percent, reducing the auction … Continued

An upset in Norway following an auction of existing spectrum assets

In my article on spectrum renewal by auction, which was recently published on, I highlighted the potential risks that the Norwegian regulator, the NPT, was taking in renewing spectrum using a first price sealed bid auction. In the … Continued

The Data Tsunami is coming to East Africa

Coleago Consulting discusses regional investment, spectrum and infrastructure strategies at the TMT Finance & Investment East Africa 2013 Conference This is a really critical time for the East Africa region. Significant decisions about the framework for investment, particularly regulation and … Continued

Australian spectrum auction failure – update

“The Australian” newspaper reported on July 30, 2013, that TELSTRA is demanding that the government again set a high price for crucial wireless spectrum, despite warnings by Ian Hayne,  the chief architect of the 3G auctions in 2000 that Canberra … Continued