Telecoms Regulation & Accounting Separation

Telecoms Regulation Account Separation

Coleago’s consultants have a deep understanding of regulatory issues and the impact on operators and end-users. Due to the complexity of the subject matter, the regulatory department in is often side-lined within operating companies. Yet telecoms regulation accounts for a significant part of revenue and costs. A small change in regulatory aspects can have very big impact on the ability to compete and the bottom line.

Often there is a lack of co-ordination between marketing and regulatory departments and regulatory experts are not involved in strategy development. Coleago understands the strategic aspects of telecoms regulation and the long-term impact on the business.

Regulators have to manage different stakeholders, be mindful of policy objectives and work within a legal framework. This task is by no means easy, especially since operators have huge value at stake and will fight their corner. Coleago understands the industry and its concern and can help regulators to deal with specific issues and broader policy aspects.

Telecoms Regulation Impact on Operator Value Creation



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