5G and VoLTE Training Course

An open course by telecoms professionals for telecoms professionals

Date :   14 – 15 November 2017

Location:   Marriott Hotel, San Jose, Costa Rica

The course is designed to enable participants to gain a practical understanding of key principals behind 5G and VoLTE technology and its regulatory implications.

The Coleago 5G and VoLTE Training is aimed at telecoms and regulatory managers and experts working within the telecoms industry.  The course delivers a comprehensive introduction to key aspects of network technologies with specific focus on VoLTE and 5G.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

Key objectives of the course include:

  • Gaining an understanding of current and future telecoms networks, the various network elements, as well as activities performed to deliver a telecommunications service;
  • Understanding the impact of current and future network technologies on cost modelling;
  • Learning about the latest technology trends (4G, 5G, IoT, VoLTE) and how they impact the cost modelling of certain services;
  • Appreciate the challenges and implications of new and upcoming technologies with focus and VoLTE and 5G.

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Cost per participant:   USD $1990

Reservation deadline:   5 October 2017

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Sarah Johnson

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