B2B Sales Training

In an increasingly challenging market SME and Corporate Sales Teams are increasingly having to adopt a consultative, needs based approach to mobile sales – but they often lack the skills to implement this successfully.

Developing an understanding of a client’s needs requires the sales team to talk to their clients “in their own language” and to be able to “ask the right questions” to uncover their needs. The sales team should be able to answer the following questions about their client.

  • Is the client’s industry in the growth phase, maturity or decline?
  • Are their revenues growing and how do they compare?
  • What is their “business model” – how do they make money?
  • How profitable are they?
  • How much are they investing?
  • What return are they making on their investment?
  • What are the issues that will confront them in the future?
  • What are their priorities and objectives and what sort of mobile offer will best meet their needs?

The B2B Sales Training course is designed to enable participants to be able to answer these questions and make more sales.

B2B Sales Training

What do participants have to do?

This is a one day course and prior to the course the participants are required to download financial information, such as the annual report, on their clients. The course then leads participants through a range of sessions to increase their financial literacy and to learn how to deploy quick and simple tools to understand the needs of their clients. The sessions covered are:

  • Financial terms and analysis
  • A practical session where they actually analyse one of their clients’
  • Application of analytical tools
  • Understanding the fundamental principles of mobile deal making

At the end of the programme the participants will have completed a workbook which captures the results of their analysis of their client and will be an invaluable resource in their next sales call or meeting.


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