Business Innovation Mind-set

In the rapidly changing telecoms world, new products and services are not sufficient by and of themselves. What is important, as one of the responses of squeezed margins, is to work on new business models of those product and service propositions.

Innovations happen at several levels i.e. process innovation (quicker and cheaper but essentially the same offering), product/service innovation (new offering) and business model innovation (new ways of doing business). Now, more than ever before, telecom organisations have to enter into new businesses. How then, can one systematically think of the business model that would be most effective for the various new products and services?

This workshop uses both the Value Proposition and Business Model canvasses to enable a visual approach to these questions. Value proposition design is about truly understanding customer jobs, pains and gains. These must be met by products and services being planned. A good fit is the aim of any new offerings. Zooming out, there are other building blocks, besides value proposition and customer segments that must be considered for the business to be sustainable and to scale. These are detailed in the Business Model Canvas.


Learning by doing … designing in the workshop

In this two day workshop, participants are expected to learn the tools by applying their knowledge of current products/services as well as their imagination of new possibilities.

Key topics being covered in the workshop include:

  • Existing and new business models
  • Value proposition design and the 3 levels of fit
  • Design considerations e.g. prototyping and ethnographic studies
  • Business model patterns
  • Evaluation of business models … yes, there can be bad models
  • An innovation-fostering workplace – the Innovation Engine

Tools used are based on the research of Alex Osterwalder et al.


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