Finance for Non-Financial Managers and Excel Modelling for Telecoms Companies

Our finance and Excel courses are modular and can be adapted to meet client’s specific needs.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This course can be delivered as a one or two day programme. We can deliver the programme using our generic telecoms content or we can tailor the content to reflect the client’s own market and business data. The modules can also be tailored to focus on different aspects of finance and accounting. Typical content includes:

  • Removing the mystery surrounding financial jargon – EBITDA, Free Cash Flow, WACC, Return on Invested Capital, etc
  • Providing participants with a series of steps with which to review and analyse financial information
  • Developing an understanding of the telecoms sector, a telecoms business and the client’s own performance from a financial perspective
  • Helping participants understand the financial targets they are asked to pursue and how their decisions influence the results

Excel Modling

Excel Business Modelling for Telecoms Companies

There are great many courses available on how to use Excel but few focus on how to develop a robust Excel business model and only the Coleago course addresses how to do it in the context of the telecoms sector. This course can be delivered over 1, 2 or 3 days and is modular allowing for a tailored course to meet the participant’s specific requirements. Topics that can be covered include:

  • Techniques to improve modelling efficiency and accuracy
  • Essential functions and features
  • Best practice in model structure, layout and design
  • Modelling telecoms businesses
  • Testing and debugging
  • How to turn a spreadsheet into an application using simple Visual Basic


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