Perhaps due to how managers are typically measured, employee development is rarely on top of a busy manager’s mind. What is the long term impact on the capability of the organisation?

Whether it is part of a Talent Management Programme or a general leadership development initiative, the involvement of line managers is crucial in the development of their direct reports.

While the Human Resource department can facilitate the development programme and, for instance, provide individual development plan (IDP) templates, changing the mind-set of line managers who are generally more focused on the attainment of their unit KPIs is a challenge.

How can this mind-set be changed? And how do line managers, who are typically not trained in people development competencies, be equipped to not only write the IDPs for their direct reports but see the development process through in the years to come?

This mind-set change and personal commitment on the part of the line managers is the focus of this workshop.


How can the mind-set of line managers be changed?

The key tools used are personal reflections and crucible moment sharing of the line managers’ own career journey. Backed by psychometric tools, each line manager would be offered an in-depth view into him/herself before expecting to plan for and guide in the development of their direct reports.

Among the highlights of the workshop are:

  • Manager’s reflection on time spent on tasks vs people
  • Crucible moments and reflection on own favourite manager
  • Development principles and pitfalls
  • Live, in-class, development discussion with direct reports
  • Development coaching skills


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