Mobile Operator War Gaming

“Just like running a mobile business, only that much harder.”
War Game Veteran

The Coleago War Game is the most comprehensive and realistic mobile market simulation available today.

  • Participants are allocated to teams representing the actual operators in the client’s market
  • Each team / operator is given a credible and realistic set of shareholder objectives unique to that operator and their goal is to achieve their shareholder objectives
  • The Game is played over five rounds and teams must respond to the strategies and tactics of other players
  • All of the key stakeholders in a mobile market are presented in the game (customers, regulator, financial markets, press, suppliers, etc) and teams must manage stakeholder relationships whilst pursuing their shareholder objectives

The Game not only develops leadership skills, team working and stakeholder management but it also breaks down functional silos and provides real strategic insights into the client’s market.

Mobile Operator War Gaming

What do participants have to do?

Everything you would expect the management team of a mobile business to do:

  • Formulate and execute company strategy
  • Decide on network rollout and technology deployment
  • Set prices and prepare an opex and capex budget
  • Develop and communicate a marketing strategy
  • Manage the regulator, lobby and respond to consultations
  • Attend and manage shareholder meetings
  • Manage the press
  • Manage the financial markets
  • Present at equity analyst briefings
  • Develop a TV commercial


Graham Friend

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