Presentation and Personal Impact Coaching

The ability to present and communicate with confidence, authority and conviction is one of the most critical skills in business. Coleago’s presentation and personal impact coaching is designed to help participants deliver outstanding performances. During the course focus is placed on:

  • Projecting confidence, charisma and authority through physical appearance and presence – how you appear
  • Presentation content and structure – what you say and what your present materials look like
  • Delivery – how you deliver

The focus of the programme is on providing intensive, one-to-one coaching and feedback to make a dramatic change to presentation performance or to help good presenters develop their own individual style and charisma.

Presentation Training

What do participants have to do?

Present, present and present again… the programme is challenging and demanding both physically and emotionally but the change can be dramatic and life changing for some:

  • Deliver a pre-prepared speech in the style they would normally present
  • Restructure their content to make its delivery more effective
  • Identify and experiment with a range of rhetorical devices
  • Deliver a famous presidential speech in the style of a president
  • Extend their presenting “range “through delivering the same material in a variety of dramatically different presenting styles
  • Explore and develop a personal presenting style

Extensive use is made of video feedback, audio feedback only (for telephone conference presentations), peer feedback and one to one coaching.


Stefan Zehle

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Graham Friend

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