Situational Judgement Test for Telecoms

What do you do when you need to ensure consistent behaviours across the entire organisation? Or to assess the values and belief system of job applicants? Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is a robust methodology that you can learn and deploy internally to reflect the values and expected behaviours of your organisation. This can be deployed in a number of scenarios:

  • As part of the socialisation process of a values and culture transformation journey
  • In the classroom of various leadership programmes to set the standard of expected behaviour
  • Periodically to ensure that the stated organisation values remain top of mind among the employees
  • During recruitment to assess the values and belief system of job applicants.

SJT items (a sample is provided below) are constructed based on actual situations in your organisation to ensure maximum relevance. The robust and proven methodology in the construction i.e. item writing, as well as the subsequent phases in ensuring the validity of the items are based on best practice.

You will be able to learn this methodology and simultaneously train a cohort of your colleagues to generate such items for the use of your organisation in this 2-day Workshop.

What will you learn in the workshop?

Among the topics that will be covered includes:

  • SJT evidence from the field
  • SJT process framework
  • Interview and writing guidelines
  • Practice item writing and critique

SJT is able to help you bridge the words on the wall with the behaviours on the ground.


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