Talent Management in Telecoms

As the industry rapidly evolves, how do you ensure that leaders are ready for the future? Arguably, one of the most dynamic industries in the world where product lifecycle are sometimes measured in weeks, talent management has also to be different.

Talent management is the systematic initiative to groom leaders for the future. In the telecoms industry, the challenge takes on additional dimensions due to changing forces such as:

  • Fast changing technologies and challenging data margins
  • Consumer behaviours shaped by Over-the-Top providers
  • New services with little precedence
  • Adjacencies with evolving business models
  • Digitalisation and Internet-of-Things
  • and more …

The selection criteria and development programme for future leaders would therefore have to reflect the skills and mind-set necessary to profitably operate in such environment.


What will you learn in the workshop?

The two day workshop presents industry challenges and provides a platform for the participants to reflect and prioritise on the challenges that talents, or future leaders, must be equipped to face. Then topics such as the following will be discussed:

  • Competencies that matter to be socialised
  • Talent selection processes and tools that are relevant
  • Induction to ensure that selected talents have the right expectation
  • Development platforms that are aligned to the challenges
  • Fast paced deployment and test of readiness

Approaches to keep tab of the programme progress


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