Team Performance Alignment

As the skill set that is needed for the telecoms industry becomes more complex, you rely more on bringing people of different expertise and background together. However, diversity in personal styles can cause quite trying challenges.

How good are your people in self-awareness and being versatile in relating to others. In the rapidly changing landscape of the telecoms industry, everyone is stretched beyond their limits of comfort. When teams need to bring their strength diversity, challenges do arise:

  • Are they self-aware of their default behaviours?
  • Which behaviours are useful and detracting in which situations?
  • How versatile are they in relating to others?
  • How do they tell the preferences of others quickly?
  • What kinds of behaviours generate trust?
  • What types of behaviours, on the other hand, destroys trust?
  • Which moments of their life journey had the biggest impact?

If you find that your team members cannot readily answer the above questions, they may benefit from the Team Performance Alignment workshop where they not only discover themselves but also build skills in handling others.

Performance Aliagnment

What do participants have to do?

Prior to the workshop a number of pre-work has to be completed. This will be discussed with the organisation but typically includes the administration of a psychometric tool and a 360-degrees feedback.

Topics in this two day workshop will include:

  • A behavioural psychological model and its application
  • Facilitated group debriefing of psychometric profiles
  • The 13 trust-generating behaviours
  • Group sharing of life journey focusing on crucible moments
  • Action plan of personal/team improvement post-workshop.

Participants will walk away understanding themselves better and how to behave in ways that bring out the best in different people.


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