Telecoms Pricing

Making telecoms pricing decisions requires deep insight into customer preferences and buying patterns. Optimising pricing is a complex task. Customers are not necessarily tariff plan optimisers. Some customers are prepared to pay a premium for a tariff that meets all their preference, while others prefer to pay only for what they use.

A successful pricing strategy has to take into account several dimensions from business strategy, to customer value perception, to regulatory influences on certain pricing approaches. Without a pricing model that captures the value of those dimensions, it will be hard to justify the investment.

With the current level of technological evolution and changes in usage patterns, telecommunications companies need to be able to re-evaluate pricing paradigms to ensure that their price remains competitive but value is still delivered to customers. It’s for this reason the course details ‘appreciating customer value perceptions’ as a key learning point.

The Coleago Telecoms Pricing course gives a comprehensive overview of all aspects of pricing, with relevant examples from selected markets. There are two and three day options available and the course is customised extensively to the client’s local market.

A detailed course brochure is available on request.

Telecoms Pricing

Telecoms Pricing Course – What do participants have to do?

Throughout the course, participants will work on real-life examples in the following key areas:

  • Understanding the context of the overall business strategy
  • Appreciating customer value perceptions
  • Deciding in which cases cost-based pricing should be applied
  • Calculating price points based on competitor pricing
  • Understanding the impact of regulatory influence on pricing

Coleago customises each Telecoms Pricing course to make it relevant to the local market, while also showing international best practice examples.

Our telecoms pricing course is aimed at professionals looking to understand the complex nature of pricing strategies and a basic understanding of the telecommunications industry would an advantage, although not essential.


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