The cXo Factor

This programme is focused on developing the qualities required of future management, executives and CEOs and places emphasis on leadership, communication, commercial acumen, customer centricity and the ability to “see the big picture.”

  • Participants are divided into teams and the teams are divided into groups and each group is allocated a business sector
  • Teams within a group must develop a new business idea within that sector
  • Teams are set a series of 8 tasks and the team must decide which team member will lead each task and present the results
  • The tasks encompass a wide range of business skills and individual leaders must harness their teams to ensure success

Throughout the process participants receive extensive one-to-one coaching from Coleago business mentors who will raise their performance to that expected of a CEO

The cXo Factor

What do participants have to do?

The game is built around eight tasks which culminate in a board level presentation. The eight tasks include:

  • Delivering a famous presidential speech in the style of a presidential candidate / CEO
  • Prepare a business plan
  • Build a website
  • Design a print campaign
  • Create a TV commercial
  • Present an advertising and market campaign to advertising executives
  • Delivering an elevator pitch
  • Sales and negotiations


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