The Innovation Game

Based on Silicon Valley and the world of Business Angels, Private Equity and Venture Capitalists, the Innovation Game focuses on creativity, new business and product development, team work and presentation skills.

  • Participants are asked, prior to the event, to generate a new business idea for the telecoms sector
  • During the event they must use their networking, influencing and persuasion skills to form a number of new companies which will develop the ideas
  • The new companies must then compete for funding from a panel of Venture Capitalists and pass through a number of funding rounds
  • The winning team is identified in the final funding round

The Innovation Game not only develops creative thinking, team working, persuasion, influencing and presentation skills but also requires participants to develop their business planning and commercial acumen. An additional benefit is that the Innovation Game also has the potential to identify “take to market” ideas for the client.

Inovation Game

What do participants have to do?

The game is played over a number of rounds with considerable time pressure and participants must:

  • Deliver a series of business presentations
  • Participate in a networking event
  • Negotiate roles and shareholdings
  • Develop a business plan
  • Present their business idea and seek funding
  • Establish a brand identity and marketing campaign for their idea including producing a TV commercial

The game is highly time pressured and demands strong project management, leadership and teamwork from participants.


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