Video Online Mini MBA

Learning anyime, anywhere

The way people learn has changed. Coleago has adapted to this change with the introduction of our Video Online Mini MBA Programme. The Video Online Mini MBA is based on our classroom based Telecoms Mini MBA and provides participants with the essential finance, marketing, strategy, technology and economics knowledge.

Video Tutorials

The Video Online MBA offers a generic and simplified version of the Management MBA content suitable for those who are not in management positions. The programme is presented over 6 modules each comprising up to 12 sessions, representing 6 hours of material. Each module concludes with a multiple answer knowledge test.

Participants can study when they want

The Video Online MBA is available 24 hours a day and so participants can develop their knowledge and understanding whenever they want. They can learn at a pace that suits them, revisiting modules to ensure a complete understanding.

Participants can study where they want

The Video Online MBA is designed so it can be watched on a PC, tablet or phone. Participants can study wherever they want provided they have an Internet connection.


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