Due Diligence

Commercial and technical due diligence should be more than just a verification exercise.

The objective of any M&A transaction is to create value by acquiring a business for less than it is worth to the acquirer. Coleago is uniquely placed to focus on this issue, because all our consultants are senior industry professionals with a minimum of 10 often 20 years of experience gained in operations and consulting. The post-acquisition integration and turnaround experience of our consultants is particularly relevant in this context.

Coleago’s experience and expertise is channelled through a robust process supported by benchmarks and models. Coleago’s structured approach, notably the business planning and valuation work stream, focuses on discovering the dynamics of the target business and hence supports the value creation objective.  Good business modelling is also part of the verification aspect of due diligence because it will reveal inconsistencies in the seller’s business case.

Coleago’s experienced team and our tried and tested approach to due diligence ensure that the maximum value is obtained from a transaction and risks, where they cannot be avoided, are clearly understood.




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