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Valuing 3.5 GHz spectrum for 5G

In this paper which is one of a series of recent papers on 5G spectrum, Coleago’s Managing Director Graham Friend and co-athor Steve Hobbs discuss the strategic, technical and valuation considerations associated with valuing 5G spectrum.  The mobile industry is contending with a new wave of expectation and hype as the era of 5G rapidly approaches.  The 3.5 GHz band, dubbed the “pioneer band” has already been assigned in a number of markets, and many other markets  are known to be planning 5G spectrum auctions.  As 5G spectrum auctions are announced, telecoms companies must navigate around the hype and uncertainty to understand how they can harness the potential of 5G and where the revenue streams will come from in order to generate meaningful 5G spectrum valuations.   With a large amount of spectrum available in the 3.5 GHz band, the economic forces of supply and demand could prove crucial in setting 5G spectrum prices.

Download the paper here:  5G and 3.5 GHz Spectrum Valuation


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