Advising telecoms operators and regulators

Coleago is a specialist telecoms management consulting firm.  Our expertise has been developed exclusively within the telecoms sector and delivers a rare combination of telecoms-related commercial and technical skills and experience. We have delivered hundreds of projects world-wide in developed and emerging markets including spectrum valuations, spectrum auctions, telecoms business planning, regulatory advocacy, regulatory capacity building, national broadband development, network sharing, tower due diligence, M&A due diligence, MVNO business planning, and more. We also deliver telecoms training programmes, notably the Telecoms Mini-MBA and the Mobile Operator War Game.

Experienced based consulting

Our people make the difference.  We offer experience-based consulting.  Our consultants have a minimum of 15 years’ experience and many have over 20 years, much of it gained while working in operations at CxO level.

Coleago’s directors and consultants regularly publish key notes and white papers analysing and commenting on key topics affecting the telecommunications sector.  These papers draw on experience and insight gleaned from the projects we carry out for our clients and therefore they reflect the real life challenges faced by regulators, governments and operators across the world.   Please scroll down to browse our library and download all our papers.

Keynotes & Resources

September 2021

Estimating mid-bands spectrum needs for the 2025-30 timeframe

This report written by Coleago for the GSMA provides a global analysis of spectrum needs to meet the 5G vision of providing ubiquitous high-speed wireless mobile connectivity and a user experience to match that of fixed networks.

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July 2021

Mobile services, spectrum and network evolution to 2025

A review for telecoms regulators and operators of key global developments, insights, trends, and best international practices, to inform future spectrum policy and management and operator strategies.

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December 2020

IMT Spectrum Demand

Starting with an analysis of the existing trends and anticipating the future evolution of 5G, this report looks at the importance of making more mid-bands spectrum available for IMT as an essential means to achieve the 5G vision.

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December 2020

Releasing low band spectrum for mobile

Mobile network operators need to continuously expand capacity to meet the rapid growth in mobile data consumption. The right mix of new spectrum in the low-, mid- and high-bands is vital for the rapid delivery of mobile broadband services at accessible prices.

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