Since its foundation in 2001, Coleago carries out around 10 spectrum related projects per year for mobile operators and regulators:

  • Spectrum assignment consultation support covering reserve prices, licence obligations, auction rules, licence renewal and refarming
  • Spectrum valuations for all types of auction formats and spectrum trading using our spectrum valuation model suite
  • Auction bid strategy development to maximise value creation for a spectrum auction
  • Auction readiness, including mock auctions and a playbook
  • Support during the live auction
  • Writing winning bid books for new licence applications and comparative tenders (beauty contests)

Coleago helps regulators to assign spectrum efficiently:

  • Spectrum policy and roadmap
  • Setting reserve prices for spectrum
  • End to end spectrum assignment process, including managing the consultation and auction execution
  • Best practice in spectrum assignment workshops and training

Reference projects

Spectrum valuation in Denmark for 700, 900, 1500, 1800 MHz used in a shared network.

Spectrum valuation in Bangladesh for 700, 2100, 1800 MHz of over 10,000 packages, spectrum strategy and refarming.

Spectrum valuation in Canada, for 700 and 2500 MHz spectrum in 52 regions for a regional CCA.

Auction rules analysis, bid strategy and live auction support in Ukraine for a sequential sealed bid auction for 2100 MHz spectrum.

Spectrum trading in New Zealand, valuation and negotiation support to acquire 1800 MHz spectrum from another operator.

Spectrum training course for DG Connect of the European Commission “Assessment of spectrum awards procedures”, 2 days, incl. mock auction.

Spectrum consultation in New Zealand, responses to consultation document and evidence based advocacy papers to support our client’s view point.

Spectrum demand model for the GSMA as an input to the WRC-15.

Best practice in spectrum management and assignment workshops for regulators and operators in India, China, Indonesia, Tanzania, Gabon, South Africa, Bangladesh, Kenya, Cambodia, Mozambique, and Namibia.