Strategy & Business Planning

Strategy and Business Planning

Not all telecoms operations are equally successful. In many cases this difference is due to strategy. Coleago has unrivalled expertise in business planning and business modelling for telecoms operators in developed and emerging markets. Coleago’s CEO and MD, Stefan Zehle and Graham Friend, are the co-authors of The Economist’s ‘Guide to Business Planning’ and ‘Guide to Business Modelling’.

Coleago has a structured strategy development for new businesses and a strategic review process for existing operations. Some operators explore strategy development through our War Gaming process.

Of course the objective of any strategy is to have specific, measurable objectives or goals and focus on increasing shareholder value. Coleago can also help with the development of a business plan based on the strategy. This involves a written plan as well as the Excel model that allows decision makers to look at the quantitative aspects and compare alternative strategies in terms of the impact on enterprise value.

Strategy Development

Making the right strategic choices has never been more important within the telecoms sector. Strategic planning is essential for investment decisions where payback is many years away – for example in spectrum auctions and licence bids – but also to realign the organisation with the changing competitive, technological and regulatory environment.

Ensuring that the chosen strategy can be effectively implemented is of even greater importance. Coleago brings a pragmatic, experience-based approach to developing and implementing strategy that focuses on delivering a competitive advantage and thus increasing shareholder value. This means there must be tangible, implementable projects with quantified and time bound objectives.

Our consulting team have held board level strategy roles in developed and developing markets and clients can be confident that they will be able to implement Coleago’s strategic advice. We can advise clients across a broad range of strategic issues and we underpin our advice with rigorous analysis, market research and modelling.


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